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"Journal of Fisheries of China" by China transactions, Chinese Fisheries Society sponsored, science publishing house to reflect China's aquatic product science and technology achievements of academic journals (core library China Science Citation Database CSCD and Chinese Institute of scientific and technical information of the core library).more>>

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Feature Article
  • ZHANG Sha, YU Shuhui and QIU Gaofeng
    Chromosome and karyotype of the crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)



    [PDF 552KB] (203)

    • ZHANG Lili, HE Simei, WANG Guodong and WANG Yilei
      Molecular cloning and expression of a coding CARD gene from Haliotis diversicolor in development and under stresses



      [PDF 552KB] (155)

      • LI Yang, XUE Suyan, LI Jiaqi, SHEN Shufang, CHEN Qionglin, JIANG Zengjie, FANG Jianguang and MAO Yuze
        Effect of Cu2+ stress on physiology biochemistry and histopathological structure of Scapharca broughtonii



        [PDF 552KB] (117)

        • ZHU Guoping, YANG Yang, WANG Rui and TONG Jianfeng
          Diel vertical migration of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) swarm in the Bransfield Strait during austral autumn 2016 inferred from acoustic data and its relations to environmental factors



          [PDF 552KB] (135)

          • DU Xiaoxue, GAO Chunxia, TIAN Siquan, LIU Weicheng, WANG Jiaqi and YE Shen
            Growth, mortality and optimum catchable size of Bombay duck (Harpadon nehereus) in the Wentai fishing ground, East China Sea



            [PDF 552KB] (141)

            • LI Yafang, DU Feiyan, WANG Lianggen, WANG Xuehui and NING Jiajia
              Effects of the sediment type on ecological functions of macrobenthos in the intertidal zones of Sanya Bay



              [PDF 552KB] (126)

              • GUO Honghong, ZHENG Guodong, WU Chengbin, CHEN Jie, JIANG Xiayun and ZOU Shuming
                Growth performance and morphological characteristics analysis of the hybrid F1, Megalobrama terminalis (♀)×Culter alburnus (♂)



                [PDF 552KB] (216)

                • LUAN Sheng, ZHONG Weipeng, TAN Jian, LUO Kun, CHEN Baolong and KONG Jie
                  Effect of large-scale family selection on body weight of Litopenaeus vannamei by computer simulation



                  [PDF 552KB] (205)

                  • LÜ Linlan, DONG Xuexing, ZHAO Weihong, OU Jiangtao and HE Feng
                    Effects of different cultural patterns of Macrobrachium rosenbergii on plankton



                    [PDF 552KB] (111)

                    • YANG Yuanyuan, WANG Nannan, CAO Qing, LU Chengping and LIU Yongjie
                      Isolation and probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria from the gut of crucian carp (Carassius auratus)



                      [PDF 552KB] (156)

                      • TAO Huizhu, XIAO Ning, ZHAO Yuting, FANG Hui and LI Jinnian
                        Isolation, cultivation and identification of Ctenopharyngodon idella intestinal macrophages



                        [PDF 552KB] (215)

                        • FENG Junchang, CHANG Xulu, ZHU Zhenxiang, GUO Xiangrui, ZHAO Yanjing, LIU Huifen, ZHANG Jianxin and NIE Guoxing
                          Preparation and detection of cytokines polyclonal antibodies of Cyprinus carpio



                          [PDF 552KB] (196)

                          • CHEN Xiaowu, SHEN Yawei, ZHAO Jinliang and WU Minglin
                            Culture and application of Siniperca chuatsi embryo cell line



                            [PDF 552KB] (218)

                            • LIU Zhigang, LU Maixin, KE Xiaoli, WANG Miao and ZHANG Defeng
                              Correlation between microflora structure in intestinal tract and aquaculture environment of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and streptococcicosis



                              [PDF 552KB] (212)

                              • TAO Jing, DING Dongge, CHEN Yin, WANG Bin, WANG Jiabin, ZHAO Yuqin and HUO Jiancong
                                Preparation and bioactivity evaluation of high Fischer ratio oligo-peptide from Trichiurus japonicus



                                [PDF 552KB] (229)

                                • SUN Ming, ZHANG Chongliang, LI Yunzhou, XU Binduo, XUE Ying and REN Yiping
                                  Management strategy evaluation of fishery stocks in Haizhou Bay based on Data-Limited Methods



                                  [PDF 552KB] (218)

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